Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that develops in people who have high levels of uric acid in their body. It can be very painful. Please follow our link to learn more about Gout.

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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery can prove to be beneficial to those seeking to lose weight and have an overall healthier lifestyle. With several options available we recommend that you do a little research and consult with your doctor before making the best decision for your personal situation. There are many factors to take into consideration.

  • You must be on board and willing to make permanent changes to lead a healthier lifestyle after surgery
  • You will need to constantly monitor your nutrition, your lifestyle, and any medical conditions you may have
  • Bariatric surgery, like any surgery, has risk. Discuss all risk with your doctor so that you are aware and can make a better decision
  • Cost – The cost associated with surgery can be expensive. Check with your doctor to make sure that your insurance is accepted and how much it will cover

You will probably need to meet certain guidelines to even qualify for weight-loss surgery. Most, if not all, doctors will put you through a screening process to make sure that you qualify. If you have a BMI of 35 and any serious obesity related medical issue such as type II diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, or a BMI of 40 or greater, then, you are a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Which surgery is best?

The Lap-Band: The effectiveness of this procedure is lower than originally thought, only helping about one third of patients, and due to that, as well as complications, most surgeons have stopped placing them in newer patients.

The Duodenal Switch: This procedure limits the absorption of needed calories and nutrients so it can lead to chronic diarrhea and major nutritional deficiencies. For those reasons, only a few bariatric centers offer this operation. It requires extensive long-term follow-up with patients to monitor for vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Gastric Bypass: This procedure consists of two parts. The first part is to make a small pouch from the upper part of the stomach. The pouch restricts food intake. It will eventually stretch to around 25% of a normal sized stomach, then, stop getting larger. The second part of the procedure is a bypass to the intestine. This allows for less food intake and leads to weight loss. The gastric bypass can lead to some nutritional issues, therefore, supplements for vitamins, calcium, and iron may be required at some point after the operation.

Gastric Sleeve: This is one of the most common bariatric procedures. Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective way to facilitate healthy weight loss. Over time with weight gain, the stomach stretches and becomes larger in size. This may leave you unable to feel full or satisfied, even after eating large meals. Gastric sleeve surgery helps this by taking a portion of the stomach and minimizing certain hormones secreted by the stomach tissue. In most patients, the “post-surgical stomach” is just a percentage of its original size, in turn, making the patients feel full ….. faster!

Weight loss is an issue for millions of people world wide. The decision to have surgery to help you lose weight can be one the biggest decisions you will ever make. It can help you lead a long, healthy, and fulfilling life moving forward. Do your research and talk to your doctor. Ask for referrals and make sure that your surgeon is using the latest technology so that your procedure is minimal and that your recovery time is low.  

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The quickest way to get rid of a Hemorrhoid

The quickest way to get rid of a Hemorrhoid

Suffering from hemorrhoids does not mean it's the end of the world. There are many home remedies and medicinal ways of treating the condition. It can be treated successfully within a short period. 

What is hemorrhoid?  Hemorrhoid is also known as piles. Hemorrhoid develops inside the rectum, and they appear as swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum. The two types of hemorrhoids are internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum while the external develop around the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are painless compared to external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids may bleed when a person is passing stools. They are invisible; however, internal hemorrhoids may protrude outside the anus. Internal hemorrhoids that protrude have a pink color compared to the surroundings of the anus. External hemorrhoids symptoms are painful and cause itchiness around the anus area.How can you get rid of a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoid symptoms can be treated by the use of home remedies and over the counter medicines. If the medications fail, the affected person might consult a doctor for further treatment.

Home remedies

Sitz bath

Sitz bath involves sitting in warm water and making sure that the anal area soaked in water. You can do a sitz bath three times a day for 15 - 20 minutes, soothes, and reduces itchiness and irritation. Taking a sitz bath can also help the affected area stay clean. Make sure you dry the anal area after doing the sitz bath.Topical treatments

You can use over the counter creams that can relieve you of the pain. You can use a numbing agent to reduce itchiness and pain.

Use oral pain relievers

You may take ibuprofen, aspirin, and others to reduce pain and discomfort.

Eat fiber foods

Fiber foods can soften your bowels so that they can be passed out quickly without straining the affected area. Fiber foods include whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Sit on a soft area

Sitting on a cushion or any other soft area might avoid further swelling of hemorrhoids and the development of the new ones.

Use ice packs

You can use ice packs on the affected area to reduce swelling and to ease the pain.

Medication remedies

The doctor may inject the hemorrhoid tissue with a sclerotherapy injection to shrink the swollen area.

Rubber band litigation

The doctor places a rubber band at the base of hemorrhoids. The rubber band can stop the supply of blood to swollen hemorrhoids, and this may result in hemorrhoids being cut off. Hemorrhoid can whither and falls off within a week


The coagulation procedure uses infrared light or heat to mild hemorrhoids, making it to wrinkle or contract due to the less circulation. The coagulation process might cause discomfort.

Final thoughts

Hemorrhoids can be healed with the above remedies, but it depends on the severity of the condition. Some people might undergo an operation to remove hemorrhoids. Make sure that the affected area is always clean.